I am Jessica Gammell-Bennett, a Wife, Mom, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Writer.

My purpose is empowering people to heal themselves.


When we heal, that creates a ripple effect that spreads throughout our family, community, and beyond.  I believe this is how we will heal our world.     

Online Reiki Classes

Reiki classes are now offered online via the Zoom platform.  

Published Articles

I am a contributing expert to popular publications on the topics of health and wellness, parenting, and spirituality. 

 Seminars & Workshops

I'm available for seminars and workshops.

. To inquire about scheduling an event, please click on the link below to fill out the inquiry form. 

Why Learn Reiki?

The video below is a segment of a Reiki class in which I address the fact that learning Reiki gives students a system to handle their gifts and use them to live a more joyful, purposeful life.

Published Articles

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