"Anxiety Free"

I have suffered from anxiety issues for most of my life. Since completing the Reiki attunement and level 1 class, I haven’t needed any anti-anxiety medication.  


"No More Medication"

Before Reiki, I suffered from depression, anxiety, and some other things like high blood pressure.  Now life is so peaceful, and I no longer take any meds.  Chasity 

"Peace at Last"

I took Jess's Reiki class hoping to learn a few skills to help with my anxiety and panic disorder.  I now feel a sense of peace in a way that I never thought I could.  


"Loved the Life Path Session!"

Honestly I was a bit of a skeptic. But unexpectedly to me so much happened during our session that I want to know more. I learned some very interesting things about myself and about my past connections to the present. After my session with Jess I have shed my skepticism and traded it for a more open mind. Lori

My journey in trying to find an alternative to anxiety without prescriptions, relief in my back, etc. led me to Jessica's Reiki class. It was, simply, the answer.  Mary 


I took all three Reiki classes with Jess and am now a Master Practitioner. The classes were very thorough and covered many techniques such as protection, cleansing, manifesting, etc. that should be used in conjunction with Reiki practice. Jess also allowed ample time for questions and experience sharing during her classes. By using this technique, I felt a deeper connection to the other students and we were able to learn from each other. Jess follows up after classes and is always available long after the classes have ended.

Through using Reiki in my daily life, I feel more peaceful, accepting, and patient; and I have found relief from minor physical discomfort. Reiki has also been a powerful catalyst in my spiritual growth. I have learned to listen to and see myself, others, and the world around me in a new and enlightening way and to trust my intuition without hesitation. Most importantly, I have learned how to ward off negative energy and how to release it if it does start to accumulate.  Not only is Jess a powerful healer and a wonderful teacher, but she is also a joyful person whose energy emanates to those around her. If you are considering a healing session or taking Reiki classes, I would highly recommend Jess to help lead you through your journey.

-Crystal M. Greenville, NC


I am so thankful for Jessica and Reiki. Over the years I had the gift, but I felt so off balance.  I didn't know how to use the gift. I suffered from depression, anxiety, and some other things that were brought on from my emotions like high blood pressure. When I started to attend the reiki shares, I felt the love and the healing go thru me. It felt amazing, I would feel drunk after a session lol (that wasn't anything a grounding stone couldn't fix. Today I am a Reiki Master and Life is so beautiful, so peaceful, and it seems like everything is happening for my highest good. I no longer take any meds. I can say that my mind, body, and soul have become one because of Reiki. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Archangelic Light, Here I come! <3

-Chasity A. Tarboro, NC


"Ms. Gammell-Bennett is a true artist of the soul.  Her work springs from her own personal journey through healing and the development of courage and strength through her transformation.  She is caring, passionate and devoted to the work she is doing to help heal others.   i  trust her implicitly and know that she continues to learn more, train more, and develop her talents to the highest levels possible.   i  feel very fortunate to have come into her presence, having benefitted profoundly emotionally and spiritually."  -Mollye O, Fountain, NC


"In the midst of battling anxiety, overwhelming stress in my job and increasing a desire for happiness and peace again in my life, I was introduced to the world of Reiki through the Level 1 Reiki training.  I found my anxiety decreased, my thoughts were much more positive and I felt like I was finally heading in a direction were I was more in control of my own peace of mind. I learned that many of the experiences I had as a child, young adult and even more so now, could actually be explained and there were others who could relate. I found confirmation and understanding of my empathic tendencies, unexplainable intuitions, and my natural attraction to certain people which is greatly influenced by my Irish ancestry.


I knew almost immediately that I wanted to complete Level 2. I wanted to share this with family and friends. As a Reiki Practitioner, I could now address mental and emotional areas in my life and send distance healing. My experiences after this attunement were deeper, with great clarification and success in clearing blockages and balancing my chakras.


Initially, I wasn't sure about completing Level 3, Reiki Master training. Jess shared that we would focus on spirituality, diet, life style changes. Healthful diet and exercise were a lifetime struggle resulting in type 2 diabetes for me. I knew in my heart and for my heart's sake that I needed to complete my training.


Since completing Level 3, I am so grateful to Jess, my Reiki guides, and Spirit guides for their guidance on this journey. This new path has forever positively impacted my life. I am exercising regularly with enthusiasm, eating properly, carefully managing my sugars, and making positive improvements in my personal and professional life. Daily, I see and  experience connections I never had and/or recognized before. For me, life is more peaceful with greater balance and understanding of what is most important."

-Cher B. Greenville, NC


"Jessica is not only an amazing reiki practitioner, but an inspiring and gifted teacher as well. My experience was phenomenal and I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for healing and clarity. Words can not adequately describe my experience. Thank you, Jessica! You have inspired me!"

-Ellen, Winterville, NC


I met Jessica in March when I decided to try Reiki healing. This was my first time trying any type of energy healing. The experience was amazing!
Since that time I have attended a Reiki Level 1 class, an Archangelic Light Level 1 workshop, and a meditation class. The whole experience has led to a big transformation in so many areas of my life. I am happier, more settled, in less physical pain and looking forward to each and every day.
If you feel stuck, are in pain emotionally or physically, I recommend that you give Real World Reiki a try. The experience is different for each person, but leads to positive results.
-Sarah H, New Bern, NC


"You will not find a Master teacher in Greenville, NC or anywhere who emulates the Reiki ideals more than Jessica. Not only is Jessica knowledgeable in all aspects of energy healing, she is kind, patient, and loving. Her background as a teacher shows in how organized and thorough her class is. She gave us detailed notebooks full of information on Reiki healing and other healing tools, such as crystals and essential oils to clear our chakras, for a complete package of wonderful information to help you on your spiritual journey. Jessica’s class goes above and beyond any energy healing class that you could attend. Jessica is a gifted healer and master teacher without ego. You will leave her class feeling blessed with love and light."

-Laura H., Greenville, NC


"Jessica's approach in teaching others the power of Reiki is one of a kind. Her passion to help and heal radiates from within her. My journey in trying to find an alternative to anxiety without prescriptions, relief in my back, etc. led me to Jessica. It was, simply, the answer. I especially liked how she incorporated teaching us the history of Reiki healing first and foremost so that we understood where it really came from. It was also an amazing experience sharing parts of my life and perspectives with the women who were also taking the class, as well as hearing theirs. To this day, incorporating the practice of Reiki healing in my chakra healing meditation has helped in many health aspects as well as grounded me and helped me stay in the present moment, allowing me to appreciate this life I was given and share more openly and passionately with others. Thank you, Jessica, a Reiki Master teacher indeed.

-Mary Emaline, Greenville, NC (ECU student).


"Jessica is an amazing teacher and healer. She really personalizes her lessons and makes you feel very comfortable. I am able to apply what she has taught and build elements of reiki into my daily life. I felt more relaxed after her sessions. She is really inspiring and I highly recommend taking her classes!"

-Meredith C. LI, NY.  


"Over the years that I've known Jessica, she has brought so much self-awareness and insight to my own journey of personal growth.  Trusting her experience and guidance, I took Reiki healing level I, and the experience has taken my sense of self to a new level.  I have been given a spiritual awakening and determination to pursue life's passions with a stronger sense of compassion for all."  

-Amy, Winterville, NC


I took Jess's Reiki class hoping to learn a few skills to help with my anxiety and panic disorder. Reiki has always been interesting to me, and Jess was the best instructor I could hope for. She makes you feel so welcome and understood, and really knows what she is doing. Learning about Reiki, and how to practice it, has been invaluable for me. I feel a sense of peace and a connection with the universe in a way I never thought I could. I'm so grateful for everything she has taught me and will continue to practice Reiki on myself. If you are thinking about taking a Reiki class or having a Reiki healing session, do it with Jess.

-Val, Greenville, NC


"I Felt immediately lighter after the Reiki attunement and practice session, and as I continued to practice in the days and weeks after, my ability to deal with stress increased exponentially.  In fact, I would say that I longer feel stressed because I now have a tool that I can use on a daily basis to handle stress.  I also continued to use the Reiki healing crystals to practice the Reiki healing chakra meditation taught to us in class and used it with the special needs students that I worked with.  They were immediately calmer.  Finally, I've used Reiki healing before meetings, especially ones I was concerned would be tense, and the meetings went smoothly!  As I continue my Reiki healing practice, I continue to feel lighter! I'm looking forward to the next class."

-Level 1 student, Greenville, NC 


"Loved the Reiki healing class!  Jessica is a great Reiki Master teacher!  I immediately felt more at peace after the Reiki attunement and during the class.  In fact, I had a tremendous sense of relief during the practice session. After the class, people commented that my eyes had a glow to them.  I attributed this to the Reiki healing that took place during the class.  The next day, I woke up and didn't need coffee for the first time in decades! I had tons of energy and felt more at ease.  I can't wait for the next level!  It's worth traveling to Greenville!"

-Laura F. Wilmington, NC


"I have suffered from anxiety issues for most of my life.  The class taught me, among other things, how to harness the Reiki energy healing to make conscious decisions to reduce stress in daily life.  I do self-Reiki for ten minutes a day, and I am now better prepared for stressful situations.  Since completing the Reiki attunement and level 1 class, I haven’t needed any anti-anxiety medication."

-Reiki Level I student 

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